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Sándor Hegedüs

Partner, Head of Tax Services

He has more than fifteen years of experience in tax audits and in Hungarian and international tax advisory services, including, among others, the drafting of tax advisory letters and positions as well as tax planning for Hungarian and international companies and groups. He is the head of the entire tax practice of RSM Hungary Zrt. He participates in the preparation and professional revision of due diligence reports, tax advisory letters and transfer pricing documentations. He regularly appears in the press to talk about professional tax issues. He is also an opinion-leader in our international network, he is a founding member of RSM's International Tax Club.

Phone+36 1 886 3700; +36 1 886 3701

Sándor Hegedüs's posts

Changes Affecting Personal Income Tax

The text of the draft tax bill also contains a few provisions that introduce new rules to the Act on Personal Income Tax, while the majority of the changes represent supplementation and clarification of effective statutory provisions.

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Cafeteria changes – How to plan for 2017?

During the spring season the Parliament accepted Act LXVI of 2016 covering personal income tax (PIT) changes, which also substantially and fundamentally amends at several points fringe benefits giving the backbone of cafeteria systems. The changes may force companies to rethink their cafeteria systems. We wish to help in this process with this post.

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