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Titusz Zoltán Fekete

Tax Manager

He joined RSM Hungary Zrt's tax team as a tax advisor in 2010, after having acquired 8 years of tax authority experience, mainly in the field of tax audits. Since 2012, he has participated in the resolution of tax issues affecting our customers and the professional management of RSM's tax team as tax manager. He specialises in representation before the tax authority and provides support and cooperation in tax administration procedures, including both tax audits and enforcement proceedings. His professional work involves close cooperation with law firms representing customers in tax lawsuits, the filing of requests for opinions and binding rulings as well as the development of proposed amendments for various tax laws. Upon the enactment of new tax laws and fiscal measures, he provides assistance in the accurate interpretation of the law and the establishment of compliant tax practices.

Phone+36 1 886 3700; +36 1 886 3701

Titusz Zoltán Fekete's posts

Changes in the Rules of Taxation

The most important elements of the proposed changes in the Act on the Rules of Taxation (ART) are aimed at curbing tax fraud and the black economy and moderating the risk of infringements for taxpayers and also address taxpayer qualifications and the preparation of draft tax returns.

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Corporate Income Tax Changes in 2017

The majority of the amendments of the CIT Act are aimed at the expansion of tax benefits, some appear in the draft legislation in the form of tax base benefits, while others as tax benefits.

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Sharing economy, i.e. share and pay the tax!

Taxi drivers protesting against Uber drivers on the streets, articles about the concerns of civil organizations of hotels and providers of traditional accommodation services in electronic papers and so on. This new economic segment growing at frightening speed cut the ground that so far seemed to be so solid from under the feet of former market players.

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