Zsolt Kalocsai

Contribution cut needed for improved competitiveness

Further reduction of contributions would be necessary for the competitiveness of Hungarian companies and wages to be able to improve. For the...
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Legislation postponing real time invoice reporting submitted to the Hungarian Parliament

This week a new tax law draft was submitted to the Hungarian Parliament. Among others the real time invoice data reporting and reduction of itemized report threshold from HUF 1 M to HUF K100 are to be postponed, if the draft is accepted by the Parliament.


New rules of prescribing and accounting of dividend

Although the change has been in force for over a year, those who did no prepare an interim report (for example, because of the payment of dividend advance) are only faced with the relating practical tasks now in the period of preparation of financial statements.

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Strong brand drives growth for RSM

Leading audit, tax and consulting network, RSM, has reported growth in global fee income of 7.6% for the year ending 31 December 2016. Total fee income for the period increased to US$4.87billion.

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